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  • Fully digital technique operating in the 863 -870MHz with zero interference
  • Automatic search and hop to free channel
  • Operating range of 500m in open space
  • Low radiating power (only 8% of normal DECT and 40% of ECO DECT)
  • Automatic power reduction system further reduce radiation level to half when baby unit and parent unit are close to each other
  • Temperature indication of baby’s room
  • Night light on baby’s unit
  • Audio and visual alert for out-of-range on parent unit
  • LED level meter on parent unit
  • Low battery warning on both baby and parent unit
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity on baby unit
  • Vibration alert on parent unit
  • Talk back function
  • Charger stand and rechargeable battery equipped
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  • Britton® Babymonitor BC-50
  • Britton® Babymonitor BC-50 package
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